New website

The new website is a big step for us here at KPAC, we are hoping that it will enable us to engage with our audiences a lot more effectively than Facebook is doing at present. Facebook has been great, it enabled us to get a presence up and running really quickly, but as time has gone by it is less and less effective as Facebook is reducing the number of people who see our posts and are notified of new events. Their answer, of course, is that we can rectify that by giving Mr Zuckerberg lots of money, but that’s not really in line with our charitable aims, so not really an option.

This is more work for us, but it has some really great features including a newsletter that allows subscribers (don’t fret – it’s a freebie) to choose what sort of things that you get informed about. In practice this means that if you really, really hate Blues we won’t send you any news about forthcoming Blues gigs. [Well in theory; it relies on us mastering the system]

Let us know what you think!

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